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The ivermectin range that provides brand name quality with livestock economy

  • Ivermectin as used in ECOMECTIN® was developed and patented in 1977, and is now made avaliable to you at the lowest possible cost for a tried and tested remedy against ecto and endo parasites.

  • Ecomectin® products contain a highly purified ivermectin, offering the highest possible level of quality, safety and efficacy.

  • Ecomectin® products contain at least 95% of the ivermectin analogue 'B1a'

  • Ecomectin® products have been shown to be bioequivalent with Ivomec® products by plasma analyses and/or clinical trials.

  • Ecomectin® products are manufactured under rigorous Quality Assurance controls to guarantee a product that meets the highest standards.

  • The Ecomectin® range provides you with the best quality product at the best possible cost

Product comparison table

Product name

Active ingredient


Suitable For

Ecomectin® 1% injection » Ivermectin 50ml, 200ml, 500ml HDPE vials Sheep / Goats
Ecomectin® 0.5% Cattle Pour-on » 1L, 2.5L, 5L backpacks Cattle
Ecomectin® 0.6% pig premix » 333g sachets, 5kg bags Pigs
Ecomectin® 1.87% horse paste » 6.42g syringe Horses

NB Other pack sizes may be available. Please contact ECO Animal Health for details.

For further information and for specific requirements, please contact your local ECO Animal Health representative in the Contacts section of this website.

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