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When to use Aivlosin in Swine

Piglets can be infected at an early age with Mycoplasma, through transmission from the sow, and early medication is advised.
This dose can be given as the first "welcome dose" when the piglets arrive in the nursery.
If the challenge is persistent a further strategic dose later in the production cycle may be needed.

Enteric diseases often occur when the pigs’ own natural immunity falls due to a period of stress. One such period of stress is the transfer from the nursery to the grower stage. Hence the second "welcome dose".

With Ileitis, an appropriately timed "welcome dose" may be all that's required as Aivlosin® treatment reduces the bacterial load and allows the pig to build up its own immunity.

Mixing of pigs from different sources at the grower stage can also lead to an increase in enteric disease. Another stress that occurs during the grower period is if the pigs are transferred from one type of housing to another.

Immunity to Swine Dysentery is slow to develop or non-existent and antibiotic treatments at approximately 4 to 5 week intervals are often required until environmental contamination has been reduced through improved hygiene.

Movement of pigs into the finisher houses can lead to enteric disease. A third "welcome dose" may be required. In some cases, pigs that have not previously been affected in the grower period could be affected in the finisher period.

For specific dosage and timing details, contact your local veterinarian and Aivlosin® representative.

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